Supply Chain

Why outsource your Supply Chain Management to PSG?

PSG can work alongside you existing procurement function or as a fully-outsourced service provider.

There are many reasons why you might consider outsourcing full or partial management of your supply chain.  Here are just a few of them:

•    Removes complexity from your business
•    Reduces indirect purchasing cost
•    Reduces burden of goods receiving and inspection
•    Benefits from scale economies in purchasing
•    Allows undiluted focus on core activities
•    Avoids time spent expediting
•    Avoids unnecessary travel, visiting suppliers
•    Reduces working capital; frees cash from inventory
•    Reduces inventory obsolescence risk
•    Parts can be delivered individually, kitted or as sub-assemblies
•    Supports full traceability

Nothing is too small,
nothing too large...

We handle products of all sizes, from miniature components weighting just a few grams to large, bulky assemblies weighing 350 kilos.

We have the capability to manage high volume production parts as well as small consignments. 

Global Sourcing...

PSG’s team of purchasing experts source products from all around the world, maintaining a proactive vendor management programme to assure best quality, cost and delivery performance.  This is one element of how we ensure our customers receive their components at the lowest total cost of acquisition. 

Whether generic “catalogue” parts or highly-engineered components produced to customer-controlled, specifications PSG will guarantee efficiency and best value in your purchasing function.


Custom Packaging...

We can provide both plain and fully-branded packaging for distribution to either customer warehousing or direct to end market distribution.  We can also provide customised labelling and all packaging inserts.


PSG can support all kitting requirements, from the preparation of simple kits of parts bagged and labelled, to complex custom-packaged kits to our customers’ packaging specification complete with all ancillary materials and documentation.

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