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Choice of material will depend on a number of considerations including cost, weight, tribology, thermal and physical properties, chemical resistance, potential exposure to corrosive environments, dielectic strength, and relative properties of adjoining materials.

Where galvanic reaction with dissimilar metals is a possibility, consideration should be given to the use of Shimtech’s unique cadmium-plated steel LS3 variant which is prepared with a coating to both sides of each foil prior to lamination

If a shim is to be used in a stressed location, it is important, especially in the aluminum range, that the shim strength is similar to that of the surrounding structure.


Peel Strength

Shimtech is able to provide a range of peel strengths to suit varying user preferences and application requirements, from a very light peel (at approximately 1lb per square inch of resistance), to allow easy adjustment by knife or hand, to a much stronger peel.


Considerable weight savings can be achieved by the substitution of traditional metallic shim products with lighter weight, non-metallic materials.  These include polyimide and CFRP or GFRP materials.

Polyimide has good physical, chemical and electrical insulation properties over a wide temperature range and is laminated from 0.075mm (0.003”) and 0.13mm (0.005”) films.  It can be backed with a solid portion.

Composite materials also provide weight saving and can be produced as either solids or in peelable form.  They are more expensive but less flexible than polyimide.

Working with Advanced Composites,
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Shimtech is the partner of choice for all of the major airframe OEMs when it comes to managing geometric and dimensional tolerance issues arising in the assembly of large composite aircraft structures.

In latest generation airframe designs, managing gaps resulting from non-linear tolerance variation can provide even greater challenges than when working with conventional metallic structures.  Correct shimming is essential, particularly around areas of load concentration and chosing the right techniques can pay dividends in reducing assembly cycle times.

Fabricating our own laminates to customer specifications, Shimtech has unequalled experience in working with composites and we have proven solutions for almost any production assembly challenge, however complex or demanding.

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