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We are experienced working with a wide range of polymers, ranging from epoxies to thermoplastics. We also work with a wide range of structural reinforcements including carbon fiber, E-Glass, S-Glass, and more exotic fibers such as SiC.

From composite details to large, complex-contoured components and integrated sub-assemblies, Shimtech Composites supports both current and out-of-production programs for fixed wing, rotorcraft and space vehicles.

  • Wing-to-body fairings
  • Underbelly fairings
  • Nacelle structures
  • Empennage sub-assemblies
  • Flight control structures
  • Door assemblies & access panels
  • Antennae
  • Radomes & reflectors
  • Inlet & ECS ducts
  • Skin panels
  • Interior panels
  • Clips, cleats & bracketry
  • Aircraft cabinetry & equipment
  • Electronic component enclosures

Working with the full spectrum of
Composite Materials...

Shimtech Composites works with a broad range of thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems,
producing durable, strong and light-weight components for a variety of structural, semi-structural and non-structural applications.

... to deliver cost-effective,
high performance product solutions

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Specialists in
High Temperature Curing...

Higher temperature resin systems are typically required in the fabrication of components and structures used in ardous operating environments and/or where high performance is required. High temperature thermal stability is a must. Typical application include jet engine components and missile, space vehicle and very high performance aircraft structures.

Shimtech Composites has a particular expertise in high temperature resin systems such as BMI and can autoclave cure structures up to approximately 35 feet long at up to 850F/454C.

Extensive Customer

Shimtech Composites hold extensive customer processor approvals for composite fabrication and testing covering a range of fiber reinforcement materials and resin matrices.

World-Class Manufacturing Operations...

We have scalable capacity in multiple Nadcap-approved manufacturing facilities.
Duplicated approvals and process capabilities provide unique program risk mitigation.

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