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Shimtech is a world-class supplier of precision-engineered components structures and assemblies for aerospace and other high performance applications.

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Shimtech Composites...

Shimtech Composites supplies lightweight, fiber-reinforced components, structures and complex sub-assemblies for a broad range of commercial and military aircraft, UAV and space programs.

We have scalable capacity in multiple production facilities for long production run, quick turn or short cycle projects.  Our flexibility and broad range of internal design, fabrication and test processes means we can support spares demand, as well as current program requirements.

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Shimtech Gap Management...

Our components can be found deep within the structure, propulsion and landing gear systems of almost every aircraft flying today, as well as in many other engineered products, vehicles, machinery and equipment.

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Shimtech Sealing...

With facilities based in the UK and the Czech Republic, Shimtech’s Sealing division, Pillar Seals & Gaskets (“PSG”) is a manufacturer and supply chain integrator, with a particular focus on providing products for specialist industrial sealing applications. 

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At Shimtech, we are always interested to hear from high performance potential, self motivated people.

If you are interested in discussing possible career opportunities at Shimtech, please contact us at the appropriate address of our facility closest to your desired working location.

Shimtech is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Committed to The Environment...

The Shimtech Group is committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout our worldwide business activities, wherever this is practicable.

We are committed to reducing to a minimum, any environmental impact that our business operations cause.

We believe that we have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the communities in which our businesses operate.  We also believe that a strong commitment towards the environment delivers a competitive advantage and hence contributes to the delivery of our business objectives.

Our Environmental Policy Statement is available for review by all interested parties, and may be downloaded below.

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Our Ethics...

It is the policy of the Shimtech Group to ensure that our business is conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and in adherence with the highest ethical and legal principles.

We therefore expect and require the highest standards of professionalism and integrity from all of our employees worldwide and have implemented policies designed to ensure that our business is conducted on this basis.
Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in the Shimtech Group.

Shimtech employees are encouraged to report in confidence any suspected wrongdoings in accordance with a separate Whistle Blowing Policy.

If you are concerned that the high standards of ethical behaviour we strive to uphold may not have been met, please contact us directly.

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